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Bright Touch Janitorial is a division of Bright Touch Maids, Inc., a business that launched in 1997. Our founding business has been cleaning homes and businesses for more than 17 years, and started as a residential cleaning service with a single client, but has since grown into a thriving home and commercial cleaning business that cleans thousands of locations every year.

 Bright Touch Maids, Inc. branched out to form Bright Touch Janitorial.   We focus on providing excellent and efficient cleaning services for office buildings as well as many prominent Atlanta-area commercial buildings like high-rise towers and call centers. Both Bright Touch Janitorial and Bright Touch Maids are fixtures in the cleaning industry, and all of our customers, including building employees, praise our cleaning crews for their meticulous attention to detail and work ethic. We have hundreds of endorsements from satisfied customers.


Why No Subcontractors?

We believe STRONGLY in relationships with our clients and our employees.   Our business utilizes employees not subcontractors due to Training, Liability issues, quality control and consistant communication.  All employees are everified according to State and Federal regulations.  Our full coverage insurance gives you the peace of mind needed when operating your business.  We carry Workers Compensation, Liability and bonding insurances.  

Quality Service for You

Along with providing quality cleaning services for your business, we are committed to constant improvement, whether that means employing the latest and most effective cleaning techniques, or investing in state of the art equipment. We also utilize environmentally friendly products, and regard them as a major component of our commitment to safety and Earth-consciousness.

Choosing us for your cleaning needs provides you the following benefits:

Customer Satisfaction: Our services will help your business displays the right image for your facility. We know that all businesses are concerned about branding, and we believe that a clean building is a huge component of your company's branding success. Our company takes pride in your satisfaction, as well as our continued community success.

Employee Health: 30% of colds and flus come from the work environment. According to the Department of Agricultural Engineering, employee illnesses cost companies billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Regular cleanings with disinfectants are one of the most important things an employer can do for
their business.

Security: We provide national background checks for each of our employees, while also e-verifying them through the TSA. Our company trains and supervises our employees through a quality control management system that emphasizes site inspections and provides you with feedback concerning your facility.

Relationship Management: Our business works closely with facility management to deal with concerns as they arrive. We take pride in building a relationship with you to help your company's image.

How We Help You

Bright Touch Janitorial is a fully licensed and insured cleaning business whose staff is well versed in customer care and service, and we are capable of handling any issue you present to us, regardless of its size. We encourage current and prospective clients to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Employment Opportunities

We are committed to providing a positive, nurturing corporate culture for every member of our team, and our staff consists of professionals who demonstrate excellent customer service skills and an unwavering work ethic. If you fit this description, contact us to learn more about our daytime house cleaning or nighttime commercial cleaning career opportunities.


Bright Touch Janitorial
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